What the Community's Cooking: Spring Herbs

April 7, 2011

Spring Herbs
Photo by Sarah Shatz

Nothing quite says "Spring!" like the emergence of tender, young herbs and edible flowers at the local farmers' markets and our stores. Chives, mint, tarragon, dill, sorrel, violets and other delicate crops are claiming space in our fresh produce displays and awaiting the next move in our fridges at home.

This week, we're looking for your favorite ways to use spring herbs in cooking and baking. Whether you use them chopped as a garnish, ground into pesto, muddled in a cocktail, or whipped into butter, we want to know your go-to methods for making the most out of these delicate sprigs, so add them to the comments section below!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

• A simple omelet sprinkled with freshly snipped chives

• Grilled ciabatta slices brushed with fruity olive oil, slathered with ricotta and chopped tarragon, and dusted with a pinch of fine sea salt

• A yogurt dipping sauce for lamb or chicken with lemon, garlic and chopped mint

• Green goddess dressing with a variety of spring herbs

• Chocolate cupcakes with candied violets (let's face it, chocolate never goes out of season!)

The most appealing ideas (however simple or elaborate) will be posted online and in the store next week!

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  • Dsc_0382

    healthierkitchen says: wish I could type better: "recipe". Sorry.

    over 3 years ago Reply to this »
  • Dsc_0382

    healthierkitchen says: Love to add fresh herbs to grain salads to brighten them up. Pea shoots, too! Just posted a ricpe for springtime farro using what's available in the next few weeks. I have lots of chives right now, parsley is coming along.

    over 3 years ago Reply to this »

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