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When we asked for your best ideas for morels, we had no idea how many delicious tips and recipes you had lurking up your sleeves! From a gently simmered steak topping to an umami lover's risotto, we think you'll be inspired by your fellow cooks' creativity. At least one of the concepts below is sure to whet your appetite and ignite your imagination (or better yet, your stove!).

Here are some of your favorite recipes, tips, and techniques for morels (in no particular order):

Four Rib-Sticking Roles

  • Stewed in a blend of butter, olive oil, and garlic until yielding, then served with a wood fire-grilled steak -- rare, please! (from Courtney B. McGeorge via Facebook)
  • Sliced into bite-sized pieces, then breaded and pan-fried in plenty of butter (from Jonathan Boehme via Facebook)
  • Featured in a wild mushroom risotto flecked with saffron and served under a cloud of freshly grated Pecorino Romano or Idiazabal. Matt also recommends using the rehydrating liquid (if you have dried mushrooms in the mix) as the broth for cooking the risotto (from Matt Mazzuckelli via Facebook).
  • Tucked into Mushroom, Potato & Pea Potstickers, served with a cucumber and dill yogurt dip (by @MangoTomato via Twitter)

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