Every Friday in Eater's Digest, we call attention to current food stories that align with our sensibilities for natural, local, and organic foods and conscientious cooking. Naturally, we pair each story with a relevant recipe.

This week: Sustainable and healthy fast food, food science for kids, a bumper crop of blueberries, and Julia Child set to Guns N' Roses.

Photo by Robert F. Bukaty for Bangor Daily News

Wired: Lyfe Kitchen is a new fast-food concept dedicated to promoting a culture of accessible, sustainable, and healthful cuisine. With dairy-free baked goods, whole grains, and healthy fats stepping in for deep-fried french fries and nuggets of questionable origin, this concept might just have legs.

Lightened Up Protein Power Goddess Bowl [Oh She Glows]

Boston.com: Harvard scientists and Boston chefs are spending two weeks this summer talking food science with area students. From a baking soda trick for soaking chickpeas to tips for making string cheese, this science- and math-heavy camp is producing enviable fare.

Rich Homemade Ricotta [Smitten Kitchen]

Bangor Daily News: And we thought our blueberry haul from last weekend was impressive! Maine is slated to harvest 90 to 95 million pounds of native wild blueberries this summer, which would be the most since 2000's record season.

Wild Blueberry Tarragon Tartlets [La Tartine Gourmande]

NPR: Julia Child would have turned 100 years old this month. Her skill and candor in the kitchen had Americans rushing to join in the food prep fun, and we continue to follow her lead. This video is an uproarious reminder of what we're missing.

Niçoise Salad [Simply Recipes]

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